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The last photo of Heath Ledger




Both couples are married.
B & J are on stage after a performance in front of thousands.
Ye & Kim are going down a flight of stairs indoors, and were probably being photographed without their knowledge.
Who’s to say Jay doesn’t grab his wife’s ass while they’re walking?
Fuck this post, and anyone who agrees with it.

I also find it interesting the woman is being blamed while it was the man doing the fondling. Bullshit. 

what is this and how do i achieve it

Can we talk about how glorious this headline is tho?
I begged, but you left anyway. SIx Word Story (r.m.d.)

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Anxiety attacks are the worst because sometimes you have no idea why you’re crying or angry and you just think of everything wrong in your life and you can’t control it all you can do is breath in and out and cry it out

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Getting close to posting one of those lame quote/sad pictures on Instagram so you’ll get the not-so-subtle hint that I’m not happy

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